What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the freshly-squeezed extract of the olive fruit having intense flavors and aromas. It is the healthier cooking oil and the only one made without chemical solvents and industrial refining. Producing extra virgin olive oil is a more complex process than most people understand. Beginning with the care of trees and wisely harvesting and selecting the fresh olives, down to thoroughly tracking every single step of the entire production process.


New olive groves in the heart of the US serve as a reminder of the traditions and values that farmers practice over 80 years ago. Our love for dipping bread in quality Extra Virgin olive USA urged them to invest in growing the olive groves to approximately 100 acres near our home. With only a few acres and a desire, we started to reap the most refined olive oil for you. We at Dreas Olea began manufacturing olive oil products according to the US traditions of harvesting, followed by cold pressing the olives within 24 hours. The water, soil, climate, and altitude of the area where the fruits are grown make the Dreas Olea’s brand exceptional. Originally, the olives and olive oil they produced were shared with friends and family. Today, through their farm in Pennsylvania, the Dreas Olea family can provide many families with specialized ultra-premium U.S. Grade A 100% extra virgin olive oil, a staple in many Mediterranean cultures. Knowing that healthy picks with the best ingredients are essential to their family, the Dreas Olea vision is to bring the most refined extra virgin olive oil for food market products to your family.

When you nurture good relationships with locals in remote regions, they will proudly tell you where to find the best of a specific food. They use these elements for their cooking, and we work hard to get you the recipes and flavors that have been shown to work well together for centuries.


We aim to extract and deliver the best quality olive to our valued customers and get the best Greek olive oil for cooking and dressing. We boast our high-quality bottles, packed an olive oil that backs the mastery of more than 100 years of production. We at Dreas Olea have supplied an authentic curated version of olive oil to thousands of businesses and homes that have provided good health and skin benefits to you. Purchase the best affordable extra virgin olive oil and see for yourself the many rewards of this nature’s bounty.