It is always a joy when something so delicious turns out to be so healthy and good for you. The history of olive oil dates back thousands of years, and it remains the most popular cooking oil in the region to this day.

Olive oil is recognized as one of the world’s healthiest oils. People tend to live longer and healthier in regions where olive oil is a staple part of the diet.

Simple olive oil and extra virgin olive oil for food are made from olives, but the extraction method differs. They have different tastes, colors, and health properties.

The majority of people believe that extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy. It is extracted from olive fruits without the use of chemicals and heat.

As part of the Mediterranean diet, this oil is used as a dietary staple. Studies have shown that fatty acids and antioxidants in olive oil offer numerous powerful health benefits.

Let’s dive deep to study olive oil and its benefits in detail

What is Olive Oil and How is it Made?

Olive oil is extracted from olives which is the fruit of olive trees. The production of Cold Pressed Olive Oil is simple. The olives are first pressed to extract their oil. Modern methods, however, involve crushing the olives and mixing them.

The oil is then separated from the pulp in a centrifuge. After centrifugation, small amounts of oil remain in the pomace.

There is also olive pomace oil which is leftover and is usually extracted using chemical solvents. Olive pomace oil is lower-priced than regular olive oil.

There are three main categories of olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking is the best among them as it is the least processed oil.

This oil is extracted using natural methods, and it is standardized for purity and certain sensory qualities like smell and taste. Extra Greek Olive Oil Online is high in phenolic oxidants, and it has a distinct taste.

Nutritional Composition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

best quality olive oil for cooking and dressing is highly nutritious. It contains a rich amount of vitamins K and E and has plenty of beneficial fatty acids.

One tablespoon of olive oil contains

  • 14% saturated fat
  • 73% monounsaturated fat
  • 13% of daily value vitamin E
  • 7% of daily value vitamin K

Olive oil has a great flavor that makes it suitable for adding in uncooked items like bread or salad. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, mainly oleic acid, which health experts say is a healthy fat.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Eccentric Source of Antioxidants and Healthy Fat

It is rich in antioxidants that help to fight serious diseases. The primary antioxidant present in olive oil is oleocanthal and oleuropein. These substances protect LDL from oxidation.

Due to the extraction process of extra virgin olive oil, it retains all the nutrients and antioxidants from the olive fruit,

It contains over 30 types of phenolic compounds that are powerful antioxidants and protect the body against free radicals. Free radicals are compounds that can cause damage to the cells and can also enhance the aging process of cells.

Moreover, Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains monounsaturated fat that has a favorable effect on the heart.

  •     Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contains Anti-Inflammatory Substances

Inflammation is the major contributor to many diseases, including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease. One of the most prominent fatty acids in olive oil is oleic acid that reduces inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein.

The anti-inflammatory effect of oil is due to its antioxidants, and it has been shown to work just like a popular anti-inflammatory drug.

A study revealed that 50ml of oleocanthal present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil exerts similar benefits as that of 10% ibuprofen dosage for pain relief.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil can reduce the proteins that mediate inflammation. Using it prevents this from happening and leads to a reduced risk of various inflammatory diseases such as heart disease.

  •    Link Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart disease are the most common causes of death in this world. The studies show that the death of these diseases is quite common.

Studies on the Mediterranean diet show that it can prevent heart diseases and reduce the chance of death by 30%.

According to a study, people who ate a Mediterranean-style diet that included four tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil had a lower risk of developing CVD, and the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death was around 30% lower in people who ate a low-fat diet.

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  •      Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Although a cure for cancer is yet to be invented, the consumption of olive oil is one of the reasons why the cancer rate is low in Mediterranean countries.

According to a study, extra virgin olive oil triggers the changes in gut bacteria associated with the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Moreover, studies on olive oil have shown that the components of olive oil have anti-cancer properties such as hydroxytyrosol, oleocanthal, squalene, phytosterols, and oleic acid.

  •    Olive Oil is Effective in Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the person suffers from painful joints and deformities. Though the exact cause of this disease is unknown, it involves attacking your normal cells with your own immune system.

The supplements of olive oil appear to improve inflammation and reduce oxidative stress caused by people with this disease.

Consumption of olive oil seems to be very effective when combined with fish oil as both are good sources of omega fatty acids. Many studies have also supported this statement.

According to a study, fish oil and olive oil improved handgrip strength, morning stiffness, and joint pain in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

  •   Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Lower the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is quite a common disease in which the effectiveness of insulin (a hormone that moves glucose out of the blood) is reduced.

The thoughts are that extra virgin olive oil has phenolic compounds that aid in glucose metabolism and improve the effectiveness and sensitivity of insulin.

The beneficial effects of insulin are more pronounced when combined with the Mediterranean diet style.

An analysis showed that olive oil if consumed daily, can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 13%.

  •   Consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Improves Bone Health

Olive oil is rich in polyphenols which is why it can prevent bone loss with aging. The studies on animals and humans suggest that olive oil inhibits bone reabsorption and increases bone formation.

A recent study performed on 870 participants supported this therapy, and it was shown that people who consumed a high amount of extra virgin olive oil had a 51% reduced risk of bone fracture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an Excellent Cooking Oil

There are many reasons for choosing the best flavored extra virgin olive oil. When it comes to oxidative stability and the ratio of monounsaturated fats, this oil is number one.

Though coconut oil has the same oxidative stability as coconut oil, it is low in antioxidants. On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants such as hydroxytyrosol and tocopherols.

If you use the oil regularly, you need to consider the health benefits that come with using olive oil. When we compare different types of oil, olive oil no doubt beats them all in health benefits.

Saturated fat in coconut oil has zero health benefits, while monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil appear to have various benefits.

Moreover, extra virgin olive oil is practical for cooking and adds amazing flavor to every food product, and it can complement both sweet and savory dishes.

Studies show that olive oil can increase the nutrient content of your food. This is because olive oil is rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants are resistant to high heat and do not break down. Instead, they end up being absorbed by the cooked food.

In addition, olive oil also retains the nutrients in food which is usually lost during cooking.

One study showed that when broccoli was cooked in sunflower oil, the nutritional components of broccoli were reduced. However, when cooked in olive oil, the nutritional value remained the same.

Final Thought

All these points have proved the health benefits of adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your diet. However, buying the right olive oil is very important. There is a wide variety of olive oils available in the market, so make sure to buy online high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Read the label and ingredients carefully before buying it. Also, the color of extra virgin olive oil is from deep grassy green to bright yellow gold, and it tastes a little bitter. Extra Virgin Olive Oil also has a vegetable or fruity scent and even a grassy aroma.

In the end, the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is incredibly high. Due to powerful antioxidants, it is good for your joints, brain, heart, and other organs.

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