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Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Health in USA

Dreas Olea’s extra virgin olive oil is unparalleled in its convenience and quality. Our manufacturing mills process the extra virgin olives needed to manufacture our oil on the same day that they are hand-picked from a carefully chosen, healthy crop of extra virgin olives. To improve any recipe, get our extra virgin olive oil for health in the USA.


Only Greek olives are used to produce cold-pressed olive oil in the USA. To maintain its high quality, it is not combined with other oils. With a hint of fruit, grass, and pepper, it boasts remarkable organoleptic qualities as well as an unmatched, mouthwatering scent and flavor of fresh olive fruit. Extra virgin olive oil health benefits are enormous.

This cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has a magnificent green color with golden reflections, a wonderful olive flavor, and both. It is perfectly balanced to bring out the flavors of any dish. At Dreas Olea, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality, low-acid, delicious, and healthy pure extra virgin olive oil for health in the USA.

The highest standards of quality are upheld by Dreas Olea, which also ensures food safety and traceability while maintaining the product’s natural qualities. From selecting the best raw materials and products to processing and packaging the oil, we place a strong emphasis on quality throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The extra virgin form of olive oil, which is cold-pressed and never treated, heated, or chemically treated, is the best and most expensive. Extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil is made at a temperature under 28 °C. When olive oil is produced at exceptionally high temperatures (like 60°C), all of its health benefits are lost because the polyphenols become more water soluble and are washed away with the water waste.

extra virgin olive oil for health in USA

Why purchase our extra-virgin olive oil?

Dreas Olea is the healthiest extra virgin olive oil brand in the USA. Here are some of the benefits that influence customers to buy our olive oil.

At Dreas Olea, we produce the finest cold-pressed extra virgin Greek olive oil for use in cooking and salad dressings and offer it to our valued customers. Over the years, Dreas Olea has provided genuine extra virgin olive oil to thousands of homes and businesses, offering our clients a wide range of beauty and health benefits. Get the healthiest extra virgin olive oil brand in the USA for a reasonable price so you can benefit from all of this natural treasure’s advantages.

We store all of our olive oils in a cool, dark, and heat-free environment. This ensures that our premium extra virgin olive oil will be brimming with flavor when it reaches your door.

We never compromise in our dedication to upholding the excellent standard of our products. Please get in touch with us if you are unhappy with your purchase so we can make things right.

Only when you are happy with us can we truly be happy. If you have any concerns or issues with our product or your order, we invite you to contact us. You can ask us directly any questions you might have.

If you want to buy Dreas Olea extra virgin olive oil for health in the USA, get in touch with us today.