What is the meaning behind “extra virgin”?

Olives are mechanical crushed without the usage of chemicals to produce the extra virgin olive oil. This is done to maintain the natural antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavors. The oil must also have exceptionally low acidity, (below 0.8% grams, per100 grams), color, aroma, and taste factors that make it “extra virgin.”

What is non “extra virgin” olive oil?

Simple olive oil is at times labeled to be pure or light tasting. It is a special blend of refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. It mostly has the same benefits as extra virgin olive oil but misses the mark when it comes to pure extra virgin olive oil.

Does light olive oil contain fewer calories?

All olive oils contain the same number of calories. However, they differ when it comes to taste or nutritional benefits, with extra virgin olive oil coming out on top.

What is the meaning of cold-pressed?

This involves olives that are naturally crushed without the usage of heat or chemicals for the production of extra virgin olive oil. They are also called “first press” or “cold extracted.” All kinds of extra virgin olive oil are produced in this way.