It is a known fact worldwide that olive oil is one of the best oil in the world that can be used for cooking, dressing, baking, salad topping, and cosmetic use.

Due to its massive popularity and numerous health benefits, you get to see olive oil from many brands displayed on shelves in retail and grocery stores.

The key when buying olive oil is to know you are getting the right stuff. Many people may not know, but they may buy and consume counterfeit olive oil advertised as pure olive oil. If you get a chance to visit Spain, Italy, or Greece, you will see the difference between counterfeit and real olive oil.

The authentic olive oil has a green and grassy color, peppery flavor, and fresh aroma. However, many companies try to blend raw olive oil with cheaper and low-quality oil. The ‘Pure,’ ‘Light,’ and ‘Extra Light’ olive oil that you may have come across are also derived from olives but have gone through chemical processing and mixed with other oils to make them edible. When it comes to calories, the Light olive oil has the same calories as that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil but with no health benefits or taste.

The Five Factors to Consider when Buying Extra Virgin Olive Oil

According to standards, an Extra Virgin Olive Oil must have a free fatty acid level below 0.8%. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the freshly picked olives and by mechanical extraction below 75’F.

One of the first things is to avoid buying from large brands that advertise heavily on oil quality. The best way is to go to a specialty store where you can sample the real olive oil.

Dreas Olea is one company producing and delivering the best quality olive oil for cooking & dressing.

The five secrets you need to know when buying olive oil are

  1. Always buy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, not the Light or Pure Olive oil

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil only gets its label after a series of evaluations conducted by certified professionals. The measure of quality depends on zero flavor defects and oil containing some fruity flavor. Some unrecognized brands try to get low-grade processed seed oils, add some coloring, then sell them as fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

One of the best ways to determine a fake and a real one is the ‘price.’ An authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will always come at a premium price, while the fake ones come at a cheap price.

  1. Read the ‘Harvest Date’

Do not get excited to read and buy olive oil that displays ‘Best By this date’ but look for Harvest Date or processed on this date.

Like wine, olive oil comes with many subtle flavors and taste. The things that determine the quality of olive oil are olive variety and the location of the olive trees. However, the taste of olive oil does not get better with age as with wine. Olive oil is the juice of olive fruit and is best when it is fresh, so it is crucial to know the harvest date to determine its taste. You need to look for a harvest date that says ‘’processed in the last 12 months’’. However, proper storage is key as exposure to light, heat, and oxygen can impact the quality and taste of olive oil.

  • Determine storage condition

The area where the olives come from and the harvest date affect the quality of the olive oil. But the four other factors that can impact olive oil are heat, light, time, and oxygen. Some bottles are transparent and get direct fluorescent lights from a store or when placed in a kitchen. However, some bottles are opaque and come with full packaging on the bottle. The best way is to get a packaged box that protects the bottle from light or temperature differences in a supermarket. Look for a third-party seal on the packaging of the olive oil.

  • Visit Specialty store or Order Online

Try going to a specialty store, but if you cannot, order from an authentic online store that produces and delivers Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dreas Olea is one company that develops high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and allows you to order it online.

  • Look for a trusted source

Most of the olive oils you see in supermarkets contain oil from olives sourced from 4 to 5 countries. A quick online search can help you find single estate, family farms, and organic produce that source the olives.

Bottom Line

Dreas Olea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) is one of the most authentic and best olive oil for your needs. We source the highest quality olives from Crete (Greek Island) that are flavorful and enriched with natural compounds. A simple mechanical crushing process prepares the Extra Virgin Olive Oil without heat or additives.

Dreas Olea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) will become part of your daily cooking or salad dressing and add a subtle taste to your food. If you are planning for a special party and want to impress the guests with your culinary skills, then Dreas Olea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) is your secret ingredient that will win them over.

So what are You waiting For? You can even order Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) through our Online Store.

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