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Olive Oil And Its Health Benefits

October 20, 2022

Olive Oil – A History

Picture this. Ancient Greece and the Bronze Age. Walking between trees with branches filled with olives. The smell of liquid gold wafting in the air as the locals’ blanch hundreds of olives in scalding water to remove the extract. That was then…

Olive oil has been known for its benefits since the beginning of time. Different societies used different methods to extract this very oil, yet the rewards reaped from it remain the same. There is more to this oil than being a mere asset in the kitchen! People from the Mediterranean region, where olive oil has been known to be consumed the most, have the lowest mortality rates that exist around the world. They are free of more cardiovascular diseases, obesity, blood sugar complications, blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Hippocrates called Olive Oil liquid gold. This was due to its many healing properties. These properties are not just limited to beauty. One can transact quite a lot of health benefits simply by including this oil in their diet.

Boosts Keratin

Olive oil is especially good for your hair and nails. This is due to the effect it has on the Keratin in your body. Your hair and nails speak volumes when it comes to your overall health. Brittle nails and weak hair can immediately tell a doctor what you are suffering from, and it is usually a cause of a lack of vitamins within your body. The vitamin E in olive oil can serve to improve the appearance of nails and hair by a large margin.

It helps prevent types of cancer

Olive oil is known to prevent breast cancer. In a study within Spain, it was found that women who consumed olive oil were more than 60% less likely to suffer from breast cancer later on in their life.

Prevents problems relating to sugar levels, weight gain, and constipation

Olive oil is a leveler. It levels the sugar levels in your blood and prevents you from suffering from diabetes. This, in turn, makes it so that you do not gain excess weight at any point in time. It is also known to aid weight loss. Olive oil also benefits the gastrointestinal tract, making food move swiftly through the colon due to its consistency. Taken regularly, this oil helps prevent constipation.

Good for mental health issues

According to the American Chemical Society and the studies conducted by it, olive oil contains oleocanthal which prevents Alzheimer’s. It is also known to improve memory and learning. It is also great for stress and depression. It increases the level of serotonin within our brain, which gives rise to “happy chemicals” that can prevent depressive thoughts.

Strengthens bones

Olive oil is known to strengthen bones, especially in women who need it the most. Osteocalcin was found in large quantities within people who consumed olive oil on a daily basis. This shows that calcium is not the only route towards the strengthening of bones.

Controls your cholesterol

Olive oil contains one of the highest levels of monosaturated fat, around 75-80%, which helps target bad cholesterol in your body and build good cholesterol.

Thus, olive oil contains quite a lot of benefits that point towards its uses. Log in today and avail your bottle of cold-pressed olive oil today!