Disclaimer: Any customers out of the United States of America who are ordering our products are kindly obligated to pay any customs fees that may apply to any of our products during the shipping.
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Payment Policy


The price for the ordered products, the applicable VAT, and other related taxes (when applicable) are those displayed on the website www.delightsofcrete.gr at the time of sending the order. Periodically, they may change; but the changes will only affect future orders, not those already accepted and confirmed. Courier delivery costs are charged in addition to the price of the products and are displayed on the website when ordering.

The price, the payment method and the payment term are specified in the ORDER. The SELLER will issue to the BUYER an invoice for the delivered PRODUCTS, the BUYER’s obligation being to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice according to Art.5

Payment for products ordered and delivered in U.S.A and Canada, can be made by bank card (the online payment processor is PayPal). Payment for products ordered and delivered outside the territory of U.S.A. or Canada, is made by bank card – the online payment processor is PayPal. If you order in the name and on behalf of a legal entity: we reserve the right to request pre-payment in full, or a percentage in advance of delivery (20%). The entity will be able to make the payment by bank transfer – please contact us for full banking information. If an amount due is not paid or once paid, the payment is rejected, the SELLER reserves the right to terminate the contract concluded with you, by a simple notification, sent by e-mail. Transactions on the website www.dreasolea.org, are made in US Dollars. If the chosen payment method is by credit card, the bank that issued your card may charge additional fees. Any additional fees charged by the card issuing bank are not visible at the time of the transaction made on the website www.dreasolea.org, because they do not belong to us or our partner through which the payments made with the bank card are processed. Alpha Pro, Inc. does not store details regarding the cards and the payments that the BUYER makes online through the website www.dreasolea.org. They are used by PayPal (our partner company for secure payment processing). We recommend that you read more about this in the Privacy Policy.