In recent years when it comes to cooking oil, then olive oil has made the most headlines worldwide. The one oil that you need to use for cooking, baking, dressing, and marinating is none other than olive oil.

The olive is a fruit grown on olive trees, and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the fruit juice of the olive in pure and raw form.  The water and other parts are removed by centrifuge technique and what is left is unrefined and natural olive oil, mostly known as ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil.’ The best thing is that there is no use of heat or chemicals in any step of the process.

The Reasons why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Most Healthy Option

The healthiest option for you and your family is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unlike all the other oils such as corn oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil that are the result of chemical processing.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces the bad cholesterol that comes from bad fat. The bad, cheap, and refined oil are all sources of bad oil. A few years ago, you may have come across an olive oil bottle displaying the cold-pressed logo, but today it has no meaning as most producers use mechanical crushers to extract the oil.

The prominent health benefits of quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil include

  • Help in weight loss
  • Improve overall health and wellness
  • It contains a high concentration of ‘polyphenols’ and antioxidants not found in any other edible oil. Polyphenols are effective in eliminating cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.
  • Improves cardiovascular health, and polyphenols help reduce the risk of heart diseases and prevent the formation of plaque in arteries
  • Many studies support the fact that Extra Virgin Olive Oil reduces inflammation. Patients with arthritis have been said to experience less pain and better mobility when Extra Virgin Olive oil was included in their diet.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil usage in diet can also reduce the risk of neurodegeneration and chronic Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It helps to manage diabetes and balance the blood sugar levels

Some of the factors on which the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil depends are

  • Variety of olives and where they originate from such as Spain, Italy, and Greece
  • The harvest date
  • Extraction method

Freshly picked olives quickly processed with minimum oxidation deliver Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the highest phenolic content. The high concentration of polyphenols also ensures a longer shelf life and higher smoke point.

You can easily use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking with both pan-frying and deep-frying. However, the best heating temperature is from 370’F to 405’F. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a higher concentration of polyphenols has smoke points higher than 400’F. High heat does not degrade the quality of olive oil, as is a popular belief, but even at high heat, olive oil maintains its nutritional value.

Final Thoughts

Extra Virgin Olive oil is the first choice of cooking in the Mediterranean region, and now it is becoming popular all across the world.

Dreas Olea is one company that is making it possible to deliver its customers the healthiest and beneficial Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olives are freshly picked and sourced from Crete (Greek Island) and follow a natural extraction process without heat, refinement or chemical additives. We pay special focus on the soil, climate, and water to authenticate the taste of pure and natural olive oil with maximum nutrients.

Dreas Olea believes in delivering the best and premium grade Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed), a staple of many sumptuous Mediterranean meals. Our team performs a robust evaluation method at every step from production to packaging to ensure that our customers get the finest product. Termed as ‘liquid gold’ due to its massive health benefits, we deliver the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Cold Pressed) at the most affordable prices. You can even go to our Online Shop option and Order it.

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