Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in USA

Dreas Olea is a premium manufacturer and supplier of the highest-grade extra virgin olive oil. We pride ourselves on quality. Our business is focused around only olive oil, so we’ve developed into industry leaders in this area over time. The best Greek olive oils can be found here!

Our highest quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA is hand-picked, cold-pressed, and hygienically bottled. We guarantee the finest quality product by hand-picking the olives, which lessens the possibility of damaging the olives during harvest. Dreas Olea’s extra virgin olive oil is produced only from Greek olives and is not mixed with other oils that guarantee superior quality. With outstanding organoleptic features, it is unmatched for its delicate and flavorful aroma. Our high-quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA tastes and smells like the fresh fruit of the olive, with hints of pepper, fruit, and grass.

Dreas Olea focuses on quality throughout the whole production process, from choosing the best sources and products to processing and packaging the oil. Our company complies with the strictest quality standards, allowing for the preservation of the product’s inherent qualities as well as guarantees of food safety and traceability.

Key Features of Dreas Olea’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At Dreas Olea, we specialize in producing the finest quality Greek extra virgin olive oil that comes with exceptional taste, aroma, and color. It is obtained from first pressings conforming to the ultimate standards. Our olives are sourced from Greece, which is known for their superior quality.

Our olive oil is a tasty addition to your foods because of rich aroma of olive fruit, brilliant color, exceptionally low acidity, and a crisp bitterness that brings out the full flavor in any dish. This high quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA is produced to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the olive fruit and also the health benefits.

Our best-quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA is the healthiest olive oil, with loads of vitamins that prevent aging and 0% cholesterol. Since it is cold-pressed, it preserves all of the oil’s healthy benefits, including its polyphenols and antioxidants. It can be added to salads or cooked into almost any recipe, and it even works well for frying food. Use in vegetable sauces or marinades. The oil is absorbed easily into the first few layers of the marinated food. Add at the end of cooking for a flavorful boost, or pour on top of cooked pasta or vegetables.

To ensure the best preservation of our high quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA, it is available in opaque bottles. This is because transparent bottles expose the oil to light and oxidation that can affect its quality by making it lose its healthy properties.

Why Choose Us?

Enjoy the best-quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA from Dreas Olea. Here is why many people prefer to buy our olive oil.

We are the Producer

At Dreas Olea, we produce the best Greek olive oil for cooking and dressing and offer the highest quality cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to our valued clients. For all these years, Dreas Olea has provided authentically produced extra virgin olive oil to thousands of homes and businesses, offering our clients a wide range of skin and health benefits. Buy a bottle of the best extra virgin olive oil that is reasonably priced for yourself and experience the many benefits of this natural treasure.

Proper Storage of Olive Oil

All of our olive oils are stored in a dark, temperature-controlled area that protects them from light and heat. This ensures our high-quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA is full of flavor and aroma when it reaches your door.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We never compromise with the quality of our products and stand by it.  Please get in touch with us if you are dissatisfied with your purchase so we can make it right.

We are always ready to help

Your satisfaction only makes us satisfied.  If you have any queries or concerns about our product or your order, feel free to contact us. We are available to respond to all your questions directly.

Want to buy premium quality extra virgin olive oil in the USA? Contact Dreas Olea today.