Disclaimer: Any customers out of the United States of America who are ordering our products are kindly obligated to pay any customs fees that may apply to any of our products during the shipping.
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Return Policy

If your order arrives damaged in any way, please email us as soon as possible at info@delightsofcrete.com with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We address these on a case-by-case basis but will try our best to work towards a satisfactory solution.

In accordance with current legislation, you are entitled to return goods ordered on the website www.dreasolea.org within 14 calendar days.

Important: you are responsible for all costs for the return of the product and the reimbursement of the value of the product/s will be made within 14 calendar days of receipt of the notification of return. We can postpone the refund until we receive the package or until you send confirmation that you have sent the parcel, taking into consideration the earlier date. To make a return towards www.delightsofcrete.gr bear in mind the legislative regulations in force, i.e., in case the product is perishable (e.g., food, organic products, beverages, cosmetics) the product will be returned only if the original packaging has not been opened; Along with the product the BUYER shall return all accompanying documents, as sent by www.dreasolea.org.

Theproducts supplied may be returned under the following conditions:

a) incorrect shipment – products were not ordered or the quantity delivered does not correspond to the quantity ordered. In these cases the BUYER shall inform the SELLER in writing within 24 hours from the reception of the package, the cost of replacement will be borne in full by SELLER except for the situation in which the BUYER provided incorrect delivery dates.

b) Damaged GOODS will be replaced by the SELLER, if the fault of the courier is proved and he is informed in writing within maximum 24 hours from the receipt of the package. Please note that we reserve the right to deny return/refund claims on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type and extent of the damage suffered during transport.

The return of the GOODS may be carried out for any other situation, according to the legislation in force relating to GOODS delivered to the residence or workplace of the consumer-BUYER.RETURN PROCEDURE:

To register the return request please fill in the form below:
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Within 2 working days of receiving the return request, we will contact you (by phone or e-mail) to provide you with the information necessary to return the products (return request number and address to which they .gr will be returned). at the specified address where they will be checked by the staff www.dreasolea.org: if it is found that they meet all the conditions imposed above then you will be contacted to communicate the final details and the refund of the value of the products. Otherwise, if the returned product (s) are damaged, have clear signs of use and cannot be sold as new products, we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the price difference between new and used products. If the product (s) is in a condition that does not allow us to re-market it, we reserve the right to refuse the return. If you want additional information or have doubts about the clauses or the return procedure, you can contact us by e-mail (info@dreasolea.org) or at the phone number displayed on the site.